Message from Company President:

  • “Delighting customers with satisfying service is our main strength”

Our story started on a small scale with recondition vehicle trading. Over the years we have delighted our customers with satisfying service which helped us to advance and grow our business. From local market we have move forward to international market. Inside Japan we have Laundry Service chain, Real Estate business and Solar Panel plant. On international market we are exporting cars and bathroom fittings to few countries and in a process of importing coffee and coffin.

Do fair deal and respect customers is our main management philosophy. With our own skills and experiences, we lead people to achieve their goal. We always help local community to improve the quality of life and people who has special needs.

The believe about us from all is, “if I leave it to TSUBASA, it will be at its’ best”. We keep our hard work up to continue on creating good value for customers, for our partners and for the society, and to be trusted by everyone.

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