Bathroom Fittings


Asahi Eito, is one of the oldest company in Japan. Is has over 300 years history in ceramic manufacturing industry. Tsubasa is proud to get the opportunity to bring Asahi Eito to South Asia, East Africa and Gulf region market. Based on the market characteristics we are using different approach which are majorly distribution model, marketing partner model and importer model.


High quality product from Japan has always a demand worldwide. Despite of availability of other world class brand in all these countries Asahi Eito will have an impact in the high demandable market. Main specialty of Asahi Eito will be the unique combination of quality and price. Most of the market are price sensitive and there are always demand for quality product. This is the area which we, Tsubasa, is targeting. Another key strength is, Tsubasa using local expert and skillful resources to work in the market. For example, while we are working on Marketing Partner model we are appointing agency/distributors who has the knowledge and skill to reach the target, which is bringing extra strength to play in the market nicely. Local distributors or marketing partner has their own strength and Tsubasa will strengthen it with all logistical and marketing support.

Product and services commitment:

We will have all type of bathroom fittings product. Starting from the basic requirement till top luxurious product. People will have the opportunity to meet their requirement based on their own choice. Along with this upper-class product customer will also get after sales service with warranty and replacement facility.


There are many bathroom fittings local and international brands are available in most of these market. Out of all as a new product in market Asahi Eito has some uniqueness. These will be the key factor to manage the market. Out of many we can mention few like Japanese brand, high quality product with reasonable price and strong after sales support.

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