Company Overview

The seed of Tsubasa was planted in 1997 in a very small scale with recondition vehicle trading. After successfully serving couple of years in 2002 Tsubasa Enterprise was registered under private limited company act. This was just a start for Tsubasa. In 2005 by changing the business type it registered with a name of Tsubasa Enterprise Co., Ltd.

In 2007 Tsubasa established CAST Co., Ltd as a separate business wing. Tsubasa spread its wing on rental business in Kyoto City in 2009 and changed the name to Cast Enterprise Co., Ltd. In 2012 Tsubasa add another feather on its wing to serve the local community with Laundry Chain service. With a brand name LaLa Wash under Cast Enterprise Co., Ltd. is one of the biggest laundry services in Kyoto now.

Also, in 2015 Tsubasa spread its wing in confectionary business with a brand name “Ashiya Bakery” in Osaka. Later in that year Tsubasa also started office rental business in Kyoto City. Another mile step was taken by starting Solar Power Plan to produce electricity in Takashima City, Shiga Prefecture. In 2016 second plant has been established in Solar power plant in Ujitawara-chou Tsuzukia-gun, Kyoto Prefecture.

Tsubasa Enterprise started with car trading and still spreading its wing in this segment. Along with local trade it’s started exporting from the early days with a brand name “TheJapanCar.Com”. Under this brand currently Tsubasa is exporting recondition and brand-new cars to Bangladesh, Russia, Kenya, Mozambique, Pakistan, Uganda, Tanzania, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. It’s also exports car parts and accessories in these countries.

Tsubasa got the Franchise of Apple International for Kyoto market in 2018. Also, become the sales agent of Asahi Eito, 300 years old ceramic brand of Japan, to trade their product in international market. Later this year Tsubasa started courier service business with a brand name “Tsubasa Trance”.

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