Export of recondition vehicle


Tsubasa has a long history of exporting recondition vehicle. In early 2005’s we were the biggest exporter in Russian market and that was the start. Later on, Tsubasa put more focus on this from 2016 and we started exporting to Bangladesh. Now we are one of the leading company who is exporting cars to Bangladesh market from Japan. We export cars to many countries like, Ireland, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and so on. In three continents we are exporting cars to over 9 countries.

Why people prefer Tsubasa:

Trust! In international business this is the major thing which people always consider and as a Japanese company Tsubasa has this with 0% tolerance. That is why Tsubasa gained so many countries within only few years. Additionally, Tsubasa also provide service and support after sale. Most of the importers don’t take responsibility after they export cars and Tsubasa does. For few markers we have stablished warranty service as well.

Future Plan:

International trading is always challenging and very competitive. We always strive to maintain our standard to complete. Now we have touched 3 continents and we want to increase the number of countries in these continents and also want to start to another continent. Start exporting cars to a new market is not a challenge, main part is to maintain that market with trust and service. Tsubasa is doing is confidently from over 14 years.

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