Courier Service


People are getting busy day by day, they don’t have time to send document and necessary things to their friends/family or officials by themselves. To save time people are taking help from courier service company. Specially in Japan this become a daily necessary to people. Tsubasa with a view to help out people started Courier Service business from 2018 with a brand name “Tsubasa Trans”. Type of this business we can be shipping or transporting something. It can be simple document or big stuffs. With advance technology days will come where people will not carry things but robot or drone will deliver.

Why Tsubasa Trans:

The things which we look for the most in our regular life is convenience. Tsubasa Trans is here in market to prove convenience to people. We make sure the proper and delivery on requested time. We also pick the deliverable from customers premises and provide maximum level of comfort to our customer base. Small or big is no the matter, matter is wherever in Japan you wanna send a things Tsubasa Trans is there to help you out. Starting from document till car we transport everything. Tsubasa Trans has a special service to carry cars as well.

Going forward:

Currently Tsubasa is working with a tie up with Sagawa. Sagawa collect the package from customers premises and then Tsubasa take care the delivery part. Going forward Tsubasa want to expand its scope on this segment.

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