Apple Franchisee


On buy and sale used car in local market we have the franchisee of APPLE INTERNATIONAL CO. LTD. We established this in 2018 to have an influence on our local market car trade part. Apple is a worldwide renowned corporation for used car trading. The main theme of our Apple service is “Support your car life in total”.

Good Part:

As Tsubasa has a service wing which is equipped with modern car diagnosis devices and expert resources, this gives a good advantage to our customers. Those who wanna sale any car which has to be repair before resale Tsubasa can help on this as well. Spare parts are also available. So, before we resale the car we cover all necessary things to make it close to perfect to make customer happy.

Why Tsubasa to sale or buy used car:

Tsubasa provide unique service with their expert team and provide exclusive service. We make sure the car is in a perfect condition before we handover to the customer. This special part provides us benefit on both service. When anybody wanna buy a car they consider us because they know that they will get the car in perfect condition. On the other hand when anybody wanna sale they sale without any hesitation to us because they know we will make it perfect before handing over to the new buyer.

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