Laundry Chain Service


We are one of largest Laundry chain service provider in Kyoto with a brand name LaLa Wash. Tsubasa started this business from 2011 and we have total 8 branches in Kyoto. Most of the other laundry service provide service by renting such shop or machine from others, but we, Tsubasa own all these places. This ownership helps us to control the service quality and ensure proper standard for our customers. Also, all the machine we use to service our customer are specialize and all are made in Japan machine. This also gained the confidence of customers on our service.


When it’s come to service location is the first thing which customer consider. All our service location is near Train Station, Bus Stoppage and close to a place which most of the people of that area need to pass by. This also help us to get more customers and customers also become happy as they get the service as close as possible to their residence.
Also, most of the laundry chain doesn’t have the facility to clean big things like “Futon (bedding, on which normally we sleep)”, blanket etc. But Tsubasa equipped each branch of LaLa wash with such equipment where customer can wash these as well. This also considered as a unique part of of our service. Added with great service with high quality equipment this help us to get the unique part of the business.

Future Plan:

With good long-term relationship with customer Tsubasa want to expand this chain gradually to other cities. Certainly, we want to create our base allover Japan and beyond the country boundary. As Tsubasa always keen to server customer with almost standard service so we always think beyond the boundary line.

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