Power Plant


Tsubasa always focus not to bring any impact to the environment for their business activity. As a part of the echo friendly business activity Tsubasa started Electricity producing business by using Solar Panel from 2015. Tsubasa installed solar panel plant in a large scale in two prefecture and producing electricity. Main buyer of this production is the national grid of Japan.

Sites details:

Tsubasa has two power plant. One is in Kyoto and another one is in Shiga prefecture. We produce around 55 thousand-megawatt electricity every year from these two plants. Most importantly we have sold the whole production for next 20 years already.

Future plan:

In coming days the need for electricity will be increased a lot. Especially otaher electronic devices which used to run by fuel or coal are converting to electricity now. The big part of this is all sort of vehicle. So, the demand for electricity is going up day by day. Tsubasa has a plan to increase plant and produce more electricity in coming days. Moreover, we can reuse or sale those equipment as a second hand or used item.

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